THE SAXTON MAP, 1579 AN INVESTIGATION: Information for a large number of maps was surveyed, engraved and published in an amazingly short length of time for the era and tools available. Just how was this achieved with considerable accuracy, and what followed?

The general map of England and Wales has hidden within its format the basic concept from a century’s earlier survey. Drawn first without its latitudinal or longitudinal bordure scales, the Saxton Map has centre lines which are at variance to the later added bordure. When the actual degree marks were added they conformed to the spirit of cosmography, with tapering longitudes, but were arbitrarily chosen to suit a differing context. The map is a straight forward depiction of England and Wales drawn to Ptolemaic principles and illustrates the confusion within the sixteenth century regarding distance measure that is now the Statute Mile.

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April 2010
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WILLIAM STUKELEY, ANTIQUARIAN; MAP OF 1723 Herman Moll, Engraver and Cosmographer

William Stukeley FRS, FRCP, FSA (1687-1765) was a multi talented individual who is now best known for his dissertations on Stonehenge and Avebury. He also wrote several texts concerning the Antiquities of Britain and in 1724 published, “ITINERARIUM CURIOSUM. Or, an account of the antiquity and remarkable curiositys in nature and art, observed in travels through Great Britain”. This text includes the 1723 map.

Herman Moll, engraver and cosmographer, (probably Dutch 1654-1732), moved to England and composed his atlas comprising “fifty new and correct maps of England and Wales”. Within that text, “A NEW DESCRIPTION OF ENGLAND AND WALES”, published also in 1724 he included the Stukeley map. He was also a well known figure in the London Coffee Shop society of the age.

Comparisons of the two maps and their drafting indicate the knowledge of the era.

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June 201
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