BETWEEN PTOLEMY AND BEDE, JUST WHERE IS IRELAND? An examination of it’s textual positioning

Continuing the theme of using early medieval texts to evaluate cartographic knowledge, this paper examines the textual descriptions of Ireland and its relationship geographically to Britannia.
It is again speculative, a hypothesis to answer the many diverse descriptions in those texts and to understand how they may have originated.
It is the final chapter in the investigation of Britannia and Hibernia apropos their geographical size and location, but not the last paper regarding the landscape positioning of religious establishments commenced in text StM1.

5 A4 pages and 7 full colour diagram maps

June 2010
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FOLLOW THE BARLEYCORN: The Beginnings of Metrology

Practically everything we do in life requires measurement. That measuring of anything requires metrology. In cartography we use all forms of measures, metrology, mathematics and geometry to form the maps and data we wish to portray. Without measure there would be no scale or proportion.
Where the original measurements came from is a fascinating historical journey which indicates just how adept our forefathers were when faced with the necessity to compare goods.

5 A4 pages and 4 full colour diagram maps

May 2010
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