FROM THE DEE/ HUMBER TO THE SOLWAY/TYNE; AD79: The Roman disposition of Fortresses and forts, and the survey technique uncovered.

The normal interpretation of “De Vita Agricolae” written by “Cornelli Taciti”, the history of the Roman conquest of Britannia, is that after subduing the south and midlands, the land either side of the Pennine Chain was to be subdued by a two prong assault from Chester and York. This two fold assault required cross Pennine contact via valleys and passes and required that forts be strategically and locally positioned. The positioning of these forts illustrates Roman Military survey skills which have not been explained in extant literature.
This paper illustrates the survey and planning by the Roman Army in the landscape of Britannia indicates that a large amount of data is missing from extant histories.
It also illustrates that the Roman Army had and made excellent maps.

8 A4 pages and 13 full colour diagram maps

April 2010
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